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Gallery Veronique carries a multitude of medium in the world of art such as original oils ,acrylics on canvas, paper, plexi, metal. We also have giclees, reproductions as well as three dimensional art.


Art Gallery Services provides professional art handling and installation services. Honesty & integrity combined with our experience allows us to meet our client’s needs, and exceed their expectations.



Artists Statement

My works speak of my feelings of happiness, I love to paint, it feels great and I hope my art is a way to transfer this positive energy and wonderful feeling to others. I want to share the warmth of the afternoon, the smell of the exotic flowers and the sensuous taste of the ripe fruit with the viewer. Wander with me through the roads of Tuscany or come enjoy a quiet moment in a romantic setting somewhere in Spain.


Eventov’s paintings are characterized by a thick application of acrylic paint using a selection of different sized palette knives. The paint is applied as both blended and pure colors. Smaller knives are used to create depth and detail in her paintings. She then uses a series of varnishes designed to create a wet paint effect.

Eventov creates Mediterranean themed landscapes, where her scenes are imaginary and idealized striving to capture the joyous freedom of a bright blue sky and quiet cafes. She also creates works where the scene is reminiscent of rural landscapes in North America. These paintings are executed using a special palette knife and imitate a mosaic technique. The smaller, more regular strokes allow the painting to come to life through the reaction of the viewers eye to the subtle shifts in color and tone.


Eventov Gallery Veronique
Eventov Gallery Veronique
Eventov Gallery Veronique
EVENTOV Gallery Veronique
Eventov Gallery Veronique
Eventov Gallery Veronique