How Can The Right Pieces of Artwork Transform Your Home For The Better
March 22, 2021
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June 23, 2021
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Art to Boost Your Mood

There are many ways to boost your mood. You can exercise, listen to some music, or watch a sunset. If you love to use Art to Boost Your Mood, either by looking at it or making it, you’re engaging a part of your brain that humans have relied on for centuries.


Art Lowers Stress

Exposure to art is great for the health of your brain. When you’re stressed or tired, listening to a favorite song can help you to breathe, slow down and settle your spirit. If you’re feeling low, energetic and bright colors used in various textiles and paintings will help.

Cortisol is the stress hormone that gets cranked up when we’re under pressure. In small doses, it’s healthy, but too much is very hard on your body. You can use Art to Boost Your Mood, lower cortisol production and increase dopamine. Both dopamine and endorphins can lift a troubled spirit; these feel-good hormones are triggered by viewing or listening to art.


At Home or Away

Visiting a museum or a gallery is a wonderful way to give your brain a break from the daily stresses of life. Recent world events have left a lot of us feeling trapped and unable to go the places we’ve always enjoyed.

If you love museums but have been rather stuck, consider a trip to a gallery that offers framing and enjoy some time in the presence of the art available there. Should you find something that soothes you and lets you feel at peace and at home, you can buy a piece and get it framed for your home. You can also get a reproduction in another size to take with you and enjoy.


Choosing What to Buy

Buying art can be a little daunting. It’s a bit like wine; the more you learn, the more you realize you don’t know. However, if you start with the basics, you can find a piece that suits you well.

Size: How big is the space you want to fill? A single piece of art on a large wall can look stunning, while several small pieces will create a visually curious space that will draw the eye. If it’s above your sofa, go big. If it’s along a hall where folks can stop and linger, consider the smaller pieces.

Color: Color sets the mood in pieces of art. Blues tend to be soothing; think of sunlight on water and the reflection of a clear blue sky. Greens tend to make a great ground color but be a bit mundane. After all, the natural world uses green as a common backdrop, but it’s not often a focal point.

Fire colors, such as reds, yellows and oranges, tend to be highly energizing. If you want to put such colors on display, use them where you drink your morning coffee or in your home office to boost your mood and elevate your spirit.

Generally, warm colors will make a space cozier. Anything with a yellow base, from brown to orange to sage green, is a warm color. Cool colors, from grey to blue to rose, will cool a space. The natural world provides a nice example of this; compare the warm coals of a campfire to the color of the light on a cool misty morning to better understand the impact of color.

Finally, consider the texture of the piece of art you’re adding to your home. Glass over art can protect the material, but a glossy finish over your art adds a visual barrier. If the fiber of the painted fabric can be easily viewed, the piece will feel a bit more accessible and cozy.


Where to Hang Your Art

It’s interesting to note that many homes have a dedicated space for the television but not one for art. If you find a piece of art that really speaks to you, find a spot for it where you can see it from your favorite chair. If this is the spot you love to sit and read, consider adding a filtering shade to your light so you can also look up from your book and enjoy your new painting.

Use your art as a focal point in a quiet space. Arrange your furniture at angles so the flat expanse of your new painting anchors the area. Consider adding a tall plant or flower near the art to draw they eye up to your new piece. Celebrate the addition to your space.

Art has tremendous power to increase your happiness, lower your stress levels and calm your spirit if you need it. A bright painting of yellow daffodils can also boost your spirit and cheer you. Take an idea walk through Gallery Veronique and consider which pieces draw your eye, then figure out where they would work best in your home.