Berens Gallery Veronique
July 20, 2017
Leon Gallery Veronique
January 3, 2018
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ARTIST SPOTLIGHT Estella Fransburgen

Fransbergen Gallery Veronique
Fransburgen Gallery Veronique
30" Tall Saw Dust Fire $3,650
Fransburgen Gallery Veronique
33" Tall White Raku w crystal $3,850
Fransburgen Gallery Veronique
30" Tall Sawdust / Amazonite $3,650

I rapidly grew from functional pottery by feeling the earth move through my hands as I was molding clay. This drew me to nature and being a sculptress. We are so far removed from nature that we are broken … not whole anymore. To become whole again, you must listen to your inner self and return to Nature. My work is born from the earth, the wood and the fire. I truncate at the shoulders of my sculptures because it confuses everybody … the torso is the soul. I incorporate natural elements like precious/semi-precious stones and fossils to complete the sculpture.