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January 3, 2018
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February 24, 2018
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Pezhman Gallery Veronique
Aqueous 3 PEZHMAN Gallery Veronique
Mixed Media Photography on Board 48 x 48 $6200
Glide Pehzman Gallery Veronique
Mixed Media Photography on Paper 30 x 44 $3300
Submerge Pezhman Gallery Veronique
Mixed Media Photography on Paper 44 x 30 $3300



“I believe there is a bit of magic in the medium of photography that is made up of light, chemistry, natural beauty and the ability to capture a perfect moment on film.”


With an urge to explore diverse cultures and imagery, Pezhman traveled throughout the United States and Europe. Initially, he carried his camera with him simply as a means of recording the different people and places of his travels. However, his photography quickly evolved to convey the vivid sensations of actual experiences – as if giving birth to them for the first time. In this sense, photography became more than just a way to record his experiences; it became the purpose behind them. He regarded his camera as a tool for unearthing a location’s archaeology, creating portals between the present and the past. By discovering these living histories within his environment, Pezhman saw himself reflected in his surroundings: he, too, held a culturally vibrant, although latent history in his own Iranian heritage.