Lombardo Gallery Veronique
New Art by Holly Lombardo
June 15, 2017
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June 30, 2017
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Seika Gallery Veronique
Seika Gallery Veronique
Silent Grove 64
Seika Gallery Veronique
Seika Gallery Veronique
Scribe 23

Seika’s work draws heavily on a deep respect for the serenity of nature as well as the simple expression of color as it playfully interacts with different patterns, shapes, and layers of technique. Her nature-based series seed from Japan’s native religion of Shintoism, which Seika explains, “We believe eight million spirits live within us. Nature is hiding a lot of them. In Japan, we feel closer to nature. It is a part of us.” In series like Waltz of Flowers, Seika uses a distressed textured background that adds to the soft, delicate integrity of the subject in the foreground. She introduces sprinkles of color that help provide an identity for the flowers without taking away from the imagination. In Silent Grove, Seika draws you into her paintings, as she breathes life into each stroke of the tree branch, making each painting grow differently with the white of purity. She displays superior creative ability in her use of blending the most dramatic colors in oil paint with undertones of flashing silver leaf backgrounds, all crafted on natural art boards. She uses oil, acrylic, water color, varieties of ink including alcohol ink and sumi-ink to discover the beauty of each medium and express it in her own way.