BOUCHER – Floral Artist

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Marie-Claude Boucher

She was born in Charny, Quebec in 1973. Her interest in art began with drawing with her twin sister at an early age and painting has since become her passion.

Marie-Claude Boucher obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Art and French literature from McGill’s University. She also studied Latin, Spanish and Education and briefly pursued a career in teaching before choosing to devote her time to painting. 

Marie-Claude maintains a palette of primary and pure colors. She has developed her distinct style with the use of spontaneous and confident brush strokes: “I am not looking for perfection in the details but rather simplicity in my settings”. It’s mostly in the country side that she finds her inspiration. The variety of her paintings lets us appreciate a personal style. Her colorful approach bears her inimitable signature. She is a contemporary landscape artist with an expressionist twist.

She has had many successful shows in Ontario. Her paintings adorn the covers of many greeting cards and her uplifting style has also been used to illustrate children’s book. Her art will soon decorate the Montreal Children’s Hospital.