Emanuel Mattini

32x38 Canvas $4,500

Emanuel Mattini

Emanuel Mattini is an Iranian born (1966), American educated artist, whose work is imbued with a freshness of style and approach that blends the modern with the ancient. Raised in Shiraz, Iran—a historical city known for its poets, literature and wine—Emanuel’s artistic sensibility was initially informed from the rich cultural surroundings of his youth.

Emanuel continued his education at the Atlanta Institute of Art where he studied photography and painting extensively. These two disciplines are evident in his current work where he combines the quality of direction intrinsic to photography, with the controlled freedom of painting. This approach is reflected in his expert use of shadow and light, where he creates infinite perspective with each section of his canvas, leading the eye from point to point.

Emanuel’s style reflects his thoughts, dreams, and soul and is recognizable to viewers as uniquely his. The result is an imagery of many textures and cultures, embracing past traditions and present concerns in both the western and eastern worlds. Also an accomplished serigrapher, his works appear in galleries and private collections throughout the world