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May 28, 2021
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Freedom and Art

Freedom is the air that we breathe. And it goes without saying that it is not something we should ever take for granted, given that which we have been subjected to for the last 14 plus months. It’s time for the ones who can to remove our masks and inhale the joy of art once again.

Your art has much to say about you, and a message to give to the world. Art is an excellent motif of symbolic expression, something that tells a story reflective of our times. A demand for decorative cloth masks could be a spark of inspiration to remain alive inside when lockdowns clamp us down into a worldwide coma.

The canvas is the medium for all things beautiful, and once primed, you can bring in life with just a few brushstrokes. Imagery is the language of the subconscious where color is simply a dialect of emotion.

There are some people who might wish to engage in expression which discusses what life amid a pandemic must have been like throughout the ages. I am thinking of the post-medieval works of historic greats like Hieronymous Bosch, who made grotesque paintings where symbols of the bubonic plague were casually inserted in detailed scenes of Hell. Images of plague doctors sporting bird masks with lengthy beaks may have had much to say about social distancing in its earliest form, as did the images of giant rats who brought it in to the population.

But art need not remind us of something horrific. Simply enjoying the Gallery Veronique in its fine splendor is enough to slowly reopen your eyes after a lengthy 12-month slumber. And with states emerging from the long, dark night, what could be better than making your bid on some fine art?

One display that comes to mind is the ebullient collection from the Gallery Veronique. There are many from which to choose with their variety of style and colors.

Bring in the spring with our collection of floral paintings from the brilliantly colorful to simple ink and washes. Those who have simple tastes with a hint of Feng shui would definitely enjoy the latter.

If you have an indoor garden with green plants, you could balance it out with paintings of lush vegetables or decorative flowers. Consider the Annie Rodrigue vibrant florals. After an entire spring and summer grand reopening of the world, that is something that we can all look forward to.

The flowers were inspired by Emilija Pasagic, whose love of human interconnectedness spawned several paintings with similar themes. The mere knowledge that poppies are prized throughout North America for their ornamental value and natural decor reminds us of the lessons gleaned from the pandemic: that human companionship is timeless and priceless. And the human spirit is indeed an ornamental masterpiece.

The reason for this focus on nature and the very paintings which depict it has much more to do with the advent of freedom returning. A mask is a form that is worn as a protective layer over the nose and mouth, but it somehow restricts the average airflow. Breathing is a natural thing for life, and the very plants that actually supply our daily dose of oxygen are most appropriate choices for the home. Natural beauty is not seen as much as it is tasted, felt, and heard. In short, it permeates all of our senses and appeals to our emotions, which is why art is a common form of emotional therapy for many. And that makes good art in every representation the best doctor ever

Love of art is our air and the very thing that needs no social distancing, as it brings us all together in our humanity. Whether you’re at the producing or receiving end does not matter. Enjoying it is all the inspiration you need to keep your creative spark alive. So, as the world unmasks one stage at a time, you can come right out of quarantine to enjoy some fine art at the Cincinnati Contemporary Art Gallery, Gallery Veronique!