HONSCHOPP-Urban Artist

Honschopp Gallery Veronique
36 x 54 "All Time Favorite"
Honschopp Gallery Veronique
40 x 30 "Still the One"
Honschopp Gallery Veronique
"Best Bet"

Joanne Honschopp


My studio is in the Pendleton Art Center, an eight story warehouse in downtown Cincinnati.  From the top floor my huge windows overlook the urban beehive of inner city life. In the distance, across the Ohio river, the hills of Northern Kentucky provide me a peaceful place to rest my eyes.

A native of Cincinnati, and a graduate of the Art Academy here, I am much at home, and recognize my fortune to be amidst an incredible community of productive artists and working musicians, not the least of whom is my husband and best friend bassist Lou Lausche.

Continual interest and demand for my work keeps me busy, and commissions consume a large part of my time, so you’ll find me in my studio each day.