How Can The Right Pieces of Artwork Transform Your Home For The Better

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March 1, 2021
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How Can The Right Pieces of Artwork Transform Your Home For The Better

Who doesn’t appreciate the aesthetic beauty of artwork? Even if you’re not a professional artist or interior decorator, you’re naturally fascinated when you set your eyes on a fine painting. The good news is that by skillfully and creatively coordinating artwork with your own home’s decor, you, yourself, can actually transform your home into a virtual art gallery! Here are some ideas from us at your Cincinnati art gallery, Gallery Veronique, to help you get started.

Recognize the Power of Artwork

Maybe you’re redecorating a room and starting with a sentimental piece of art, and you want to complement that piece with your choice of furnishings. Perhaps your parents gave you a print of a favorite da Vinci painting. Needless to say, traditional furniture, especially of the Mediterranean style, blends perfectly with this painting. Formal window coverings complete the Renaissance feel.

You might be looking for the ideal piece of art to coordinate with a contemporary decor. Try for a bold, daring complement, such as a Mia Stone piece that incorporates natural tones and abstract geometric shapes. Add a glass sculpture by Royce, and you’ll complete the contemporary atmosphere.

You can also enhance the shapes and the lines of your furnishings with your choice of art. Imagine how complementary the smooth, flowing lines of an Alan abstract would blend with your favorite ergonomic lounge chair.

The use of complementary colors is one of the most popular methods of mixing art and furnishings. Pastel scenes, such as those by Lun Tse, coordinate well with virtually any neutral color scheme.

Be Courageous With Contrasts

Just as you can use art to complement your decor, you can take courageous steps to use it to contrast with your furnishings. Maybe you have solid, neutral-colored walls. Brighten them up with brilliantly-hued abstracts, such the Ferrara figuratives. Other colorful abstracts to consider are the vibrant works of Clo. Do you want to lighten a dark-painted room? Try the pastel floral pattern/bird portraits of Weller.

Are your windows small and leave in little natural lighting? You can help brighten the room with light-colored or pastel works of art.

You can also contrast your style of decor with your choice of art. Think of what a conversation piece a glass work by Margie Meier would be as it sits atop a table in your Victorian-style living room!

Set Your Preferred Ambiance

A common practice for home decorators is to create an appropriate ambiance for each room. For example, tranquil pastels, such as pale blues, create a peaceful atmosphere ideal for a bedroom. Jackson paintings that feature blue skies and waters convey the tranquil aura that’s desirable in a bedroom.

Conversely, such bright, cheery colors as yellows and oranges are great for kitchens and family rooms. The brilliant colors of landscapes featured in Boucher’s paintings add to the cheerfulness of any room that’s the site of activity. A still life works well in a kitchen or a dining area.

Maybe you want a room to reflect a particular theme. You can add to the atmosphere of a tropical decor with a beautiful parrot portrait by Rebecca Weller.

Are you decorating a rustic cabin? Bring the woods indoors with an Eventov landscape painting. The texture and boldness of the colors will POP from your walls!

Does your great room feature a panoramic city skyline? Depending on your decor, you can either complement it with your choice of an abstract city scene by Romaguera or a more tranquil urban scene by Honschopp.

Many home decorators neglect the bathroom. A set of ceramic pieces by Naira add colors, texture and are safe to wipe down.

Have you thought about adding art to your home gym? Bright colors work well here and so will paintings that express movement and activity, such as city scenes by Nemo.

Art can even create the ambiance you’re looking for in your home office. Landscapes by Lager and abstract figurative by Teri Hallman can add to a creative office environment.

Don’t forget the role the foyer plays. First impressions are important! Tell your guests about your personality or let them know your home theme with your choice of art in the front entrance. Classic floral or landscape paintings reflect a traditional home environment, while vibrant abstract paintings or contemporary sculptures convey an unconventional atmosphere.

Create an Illusion

Decorators routinely use mirrors to make a room appear larger than it actually is. You can use this technique to showcase your art, as well. If your wall is very large flanking a metal sculptures or some glass plates on either side of a landscape painting will make the grouping large and interesting.

Remember, also, that the type and material of the frames you choose for your art are part of the creative process. Here at Gallery Veronique, your Cincinnati art gallery, we will guide you in selecting the right frame for your piece of art and for where you place it.