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November 16, 2020
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How to Pick the Perfect Frame

Sample moldings for picture framing. Much like you would find on a wall at an art supply or framing store.

A frame is one of the most crucial components of your indoor space. It offers protection from the light or dust and creates the overall feel. A perfect frame complements the environment without an imposed statement. You need to think of a perfect frame in terms of its value. You also have to determine the purpose to elevate the artwork and heighten your décor at the same time.

If you own a delicate or original piece of art, the best course of action would be to choose a UV and mat protective glass frame. From material to color to mat board to custom frame; think of the following considerations before you decide on a frame:

Wood vs. Metal Frame

You have to take into account the nature of the picture to choose a proper frame material. And that’s because different styles and art pieces require different material frames. If you have minimalist black and white or abstract art, consider a metal frame. If you don’t want a crisp finish, wooden frames are perfect for a conventional and rugged aesthetic.

From Abstracts to Landscapes

At Gallery Veronique, you can find a wide array of abstract, floral, urban, figurative, and landscape art. With abstract and landscape, for instance, you can choose from experimental to minimal art frames. On the other hand, you’ll find urban collection much more exclusive. The figure collection, however, represents the panache of the Gallery Veronique.

Frame Color

If you live in a modern architectural structure, it will make more sense to choose bold and vibrant colors. However, if the indoor space is rustic, old, and traditional, you may have to select a muted color palette. However, if your furniture and walls have a neutral look, don’t hesitate to choose a colorful frame.

Often, people choose the color of their frame to bring attention to a specific feature in the artwork. Essentially, the color selection also comes down to personal taste and preference of shades. First, figure out the color from your artwork and select a dramatic effect. In any case, think of neutral colors that should not come across as a distraction.

For instance, white color represents classic, timeless, and clean vibes. Black frames, on the other hand, can also serve as neutral and classic elements. It is no wonder that the majority of the frame styles today come in black shades.

Glass and Plexiglass

That’s right, the front covering of plexiglass or glass offers the best protection from moisture and pollution that could damage or reduce the life of your artwork. Whether you chose plexiglass or glass, both have UV protection to prevent deterioration from direct sunlight.

The Inclusion of Mat

Another key consideration to select a perfect frame involves matting. It’s the missing piece from the puzzle that creates a more decorative look to your artwork. Matting is ideal if you want to distinguish your artwork from the frame clearly.

Practically, the matting is more suitable for 5” x 5” smaller artworks. The addition of a mat will make the representation of your art more formal. If you have large pieces of artwork, matting may not be a good idea. Still, it comes down to your artwork and its specific needs.

The Art of Choosing the Perfect Art

You should visit Gallery Veronique and ask us about framing. Our goal is to give you the feedback that will help you get closer to selecting the right frame. Or just stop in and browse our wide variety of frames for your project that fits your art. It all boils down to choosing a subtle piece of frame that complements your taste and room.


When it comes to choosing a frame, don’t think in terms of improving the beauty of the original art piece. Instead, prioritize the protection of your art piece above all. Besides, you should be open to customization of a frame and add finishing touches until the end. On top of all, you can even opt for custom frame jerseys, memorabilia, and mirrors.

If you want your artwork to stand out, focus on these considerations prior to choosing a frame. If you want to avoid this conflict, explore as many options as possible before you make a final decision. For instance, if your main concern is the safety of the artwork, you should choose plexiglass.

Ultimately, there are no specific rules you have to follow to pick the perfect frame. Just consider the colorpositioning, and purpose of your art piece. These three key considerations will always propel you to pick the perfect frame with confidence.