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JUDGE Gallery Veronique

Heather Judge

Artists Statement

According to Heather Judge, Creating art is pure pleasure. I really like it when people touch my work and seem to wonder how it was made. A goal of mine was to share the knowledge and skills that had been shared with me, so that others could find the joy within themselves through art.

Judge is drawn to art; she feels it is a natural expression of her attraction to color and texture. When an imagination is stimulated it is to Judge as if the viewer is sharing in her creative process.


Heather Judge is an artist with an extensive knowledge of a variety of art forms. Her experience with fabric arts and pottery allow her to draw freely from a range of textures and motifs.

Her current work on paper and canvas are a personalized form of mixed media. She paints with acrylics, her palette is influenced by the southwest landscape. She accents her works with the addition of handmade papers, organic elements and various types and layers of gels. The leaves she often uses are washed and then dyed, preserved forever within the paint.

Her compositions include patterns and symbols selected from ancient art forms and modern motifs.


Heather Judge grew up off the shores of Lake Michigan in the small city of Holland. Her childhood was filled with adventures with her father on the lake. Whether fishing or boating, Judge remembers always loving to do things with her hands. Her dad always seemed to have a project Judge could help him with.

She attended Arizona State University and studied art education and studio arts. She specialized in fiber arts, working in both fabrication and design. After graduation she taught art in high school for three years.

While teaching, she began helping out at her friends art studio part time. She loved preparing the paper and participating in the graphics process and was soon creating works of her own. Through exploring new media and subjects she developed an exciting style of her own, incorporating into her paintings many of the techniques from the other arts she had practiced. Her work was well received and within a short period of time she was working full time as an artist.

Judge draws inspiration from the magical Arizona landscape. She is happily settled with her family just outside of Phoenix. Her children are young but when they get older she plans on introducing them to the mountains and lakes around their home.

Judges works are currently shown in galleries throughout Canada, Europe, and the USA