Koury Gallery Veronique


Aleah Koury comes from a diverse artistic background, with a Bachelor Degree in Ceramics, & a Master’s in Printmaking. This has encouraged him to be bold in experimenting with new materials and imagery. At various times he has incorporated collage, printing, found materials & a variety of different types of paint media in his work. A gifted colourist, over the past decade Koury has increasingly been drawn to pastel as the purest expression of the colourist’s art. By the late 1980’s Koury had made a national reputation with a series of abstracted landscapes called “Skyscapes”. In these works the gesture of the artist & the full brilliance of colour are revealed in the unclouded intensity of the raw, pastel pigment. Koury has further stretched the expressive possibilities of pastel by combining it with enamel & latex paints, gold, bronze and silver leafing, oil pastel and pencil to create works of spectacular richness and texture. The “Gardens” and “Floral Still Life” series draw inspiration from the 19th century French master Odilon Redon as well as Koury’s own California garden & particularly the exotic orchids, which he cultivates. Koury has also turned to the subject of Koi, producing works in which the brilliant colours of the fish appear as dramatic visual counterpoints against the soft colour-field abstraction of the water. Koury has also continued to work in a completely abstract idiom producing series called “Organic Geometry”, “Way of Things” & most recently “Oh Happy Days”. (To see examples of these pieces please click on the “Koury, Abstract” link in the Artists Index) In all these works it is the uninhibited sensuality of colour that is the true subject, whether found in the beauty of the natural world or the poetry of the imagination. Aleah Koury was born in Bellingham, Washington, and spent his early childhood in California before moving to the Midwest. In 1975, he received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Missouri at Columbia and in 1980 a Master’s from the University of Southern Illinois at Edwardsville. Since that time Koury has lived in California.