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January 15, 2021
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Let’s Add Some Spring to Your Walls

Many of us could use some spring cheer as we come out of recent world events. If you’re interested in adding a bit of color without adding bulk to your home, hanging floral art can make a world of difference and brighten your space without being a distraction.

Floral Additions to Different Décor

If you’re already a fan of bright color and bold frames, new floral painting selections will always fit. Consider the color wheel when making your choice. If you have a print of purple iris and want to add a bold splash of color near it, choose something with a bright yellow border or frame.

For those who appreciate a more minimalist décor, look for a variety of floral art all framed in the same color. Even if your minimalist goals are completely color-free, consider looking for ink and pen floral drawings with a simple black frame to draw the eye.

Another option for a more minimalist look is to completely do without frames at all. A simple canvas piece with plain wrapped edges can be a piece that draws the eye of guests and homeowners alike. When possible, make sure to add a ribbon or a simple edging to each frameless canvas to keep the view clean and consistent from any angle.

Start with the Background Color

If you want to create a beautiful flower garden on your walls, take a good look at the background color before you start hanging those floral pieces. Avoid a plain white background if at all possible unless you have control of the framing and matting that will be used on your art. Often, frames or mat materials may be white or off-white. As there are many variations of white and off-white, a slightly different shade can look dingy or dirty.

Instead, take a look at nature. The gorgeous plant-life of the desert all looks wonderful against the greige rocks and sand. Roses in man colors all look great against green. If you love pastel floral art, use a backing color that will add to the delicacy of the pastels, such as a woodland green or a saturated cobalt blue.

For those who love the vibrant tones of desert plants but don’t want greige on the walls, use a muted sage green as the background color and show off the rich rust, orange and burgundy of desert plants.

Fans of the bright colors of a country garden could use the sky as inspiration. If you live, or want to live, near the coast and love the misty blue of morning, put it on an accent wall and fill the space with cheery cottage garden images and colors.

Choose Your Decorative Colors From Your Favorite Painting

If you want to redecorate but really can’t get inspired about it, go out and fall in love with just the right piece of art. Once you find a floral piece that is saturated with the colors that lift your spirits and make you feel wonderful, use it as inspiration for your space.

For example, a Romanovsky piece may catch your eye and fill up your spirit. Put this joy to work. Decide on an accent wall that will make that painting sing by matching paint chips to just one facet of your new painting.

For the rest of your walls, choose a color from the opposite side of the color wheel, then get it in a pastel or lighter shade. Use this light color on ceilings and walls alike if possible. Why lighten? Because a lighter intensity still provides contrast, but it won’t overpower your existing furniture or color scheme.

Consider the Flowers Well

Poppies are a common flower in the painting world. The beautiful Pasagic poppies appear to come from a mist, providing us with the chance to imagine a lovely cool morning. However, if you can grow poppies in your yard or in pots, you may want to branch out when building your painted garden.

For example, if you love calla lilies but really can’t keep them alive in your region, look for calla lily paintings. If you live near the coast and can easily grow lush green plants but yearn for the look of desert plants, you may need to invest in the paintings of Angela Fitzsimmons-Maritz so you can enjoy the yellows and golds often found in drier conditions.

Just as the pot you plant physical flowers in can really add variety and fun to an outdoor garden, the framing and matting you use on the paintings from your favorite gallery can really change up the parts of the painting that get the most focus and the attention the painting gets.

Quality floral paintings can greatly increase your enjoyment of your home. Let your floral paintings serve as a focal point, as a source for inspiration, and as a decorating guide when you’re ready to re-do your home.