MANUEL RUBALO – Landscape Artist

Manuel Rubalo

He was born in 1958 and is particularly renowned in Japan and the United States. He is widely represented in art galleries and even in the secondary market, since he is part of the Drouot and Akun quotation.

Manuel Rubalo works the material. He loves the contact with oil paint which he applies on his canvas with a knife, the most suitable tool to transcribe his agile, spontaneous and candid movements. After a lot of practice, He finally lets himself go when creating his artworks, surprising the viewer and himself with the final outcome.

His inspirations are nature and especially places with a lot of light, where the vegetation and the flowers are luxurious like in Provence; which gives him absolute freedom of expression and finally the sea, where he becomes master of the depths and of the vastness of the landscape. Each one of his works exudes great serenity and joy. This is possible thanks to his constant work of color and light.


Artist Statement

I chose oil painting with a knife for its frank expression, the gestures and the contact with the material. I worked a lot, I ate canvas as they say!

Today I enjoy painting by forgetting the technique, by letting go, I thus manage to surprise myself! It’s when I no longer control that things happen …

I devote my life entirely to painting, it is not always easy, I restrict myself to a discipline and working hours like a craftsman.

I am inspired by nature, like Provence where the light is so beautiful and the vegetation is lush. The bouquets leave me an infinite freedom of expression. The Venetian atmospheres allow me to free my imagination. In the seas, I try to express the depth and the vastness of the landscapes.

Finally, modestly I try to interpret the beauty of our world.