Meier Gallery Veronique
Totems $110 Each
Meier Gallery Veronique
Blue Totem $135
Meier Gallery Veronique

Margie Meier

She received her Surgical Technology Associate of Applied Science Degree from Concord Hospital School of Nursing in New Hampshire and worked in the healthcare field for many years.

After Margie’s first child was born she decided to stay home and raise her three subsequent children. Living in an academic environment afforded her to take many University classes for free.  It wasn’t long before she found a fused glass class at the University of Richmond. From the start of that first class, glass has always been the medium of choice for Margie to create her art. She continues to take classes around the country to learn new and exciting techniques involving glass.

Margie’s pieces are made up of colorful layers of Bullseye glass. Once she puts her stacked cut pieces in the kiln the anticipation takes over. She often describes it to her buyers as Christmas morning excitement, wondering what the piece inside the kiln will look like. Over the past 15 years of making fused glass art Margie is constantly amazed by the smoothness, translucency and vibrancy that glass affords her pieces.