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May 5, 2017
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May 9, 2017
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New Art by Barr-Rhodes

Rhodes Gallery Veronique
Rhodes Gallery Veronique

Mary Barr-Rhodes a local artist, delivered three new pieces of work to Gallery Veronique, yesterday. The photos do not capture the texture and feel of the pieces. I invite you to see these pieces in person. Saturday hours 10 to 5.

Artist statement

“Painting is my personal journey, my spiritual practice, and the expression of my whole being, reflecting my reverence for the natural world and my place in it. I mindfully explore the colors, shapes, and textures in the vistas of our world. It is in this mindfulness that I feel the vibration, the rhythm, and the flow of the universal collective in the present moment…

At the intersection of space and time is the point of creation. In that first moment of acknowledging the white of the canvas, to the beginning lines creating structure, to the final moments in the development of the composition, I mindfully balance the formal elements to work in harmony. And then, there is that moment when I know that I have created what I was meant to create; that direct knowing, which constitutes, for me, that space between thoughts and words, the wordless knowledge, where beauty, truth and justice are captured…

Greatly influenced by the magnificent masters of abstract expressionism, I study the purity of color, as well as the magic of over painting, the stroke of the hand guided by my whole body, and the wonder of opening up space. My artistic mission is to create a balance, realizing mastery lies within the tension that is created by the rhythms of the back and forth.”