Perz Gallery Veronique
Perz Gallery Veronique

Ewa Perz

Artists Statement

I paint for myself. I paint for my family, I paint to cope with my emotions, I paint to fill up an empty room. But most importantly, I paint for the colour. I see a world defined by its colour, whereas others see it defined by shape. To me, colour is what bares the essence of an object, and that is what I seek to portray. Forget about the strict lines of realism or the literal composition of reality, instead, by painting with a loose hand and abbreviated images, colour is what comes forth as the main element and takes over my paintings. Although I would like to say that I am influenced by Sargent, Matisse and Cassatt, I am by no means comparing myself to the masters, merely learning and aspiring.

Painting is my journey through life. It is exhausting, exhilarating, and frustrating task. Colours have faded and gone wrong, proportions have morphed and canvases have warped only to be stretched again. Yet whatever I go through, whatever obstacle that comes in my way, I simply cannot stop loving it. Painting is my passion, it is my love. It is my life.



Ewa Perz was born in Gdansk, Poland. There she received a masters degree in biology, but found her true passion to be in fine art. She left her job as a scientist to pursue her desire to create art. Living in Europe and Latin America before coming to the United States, paired with worldwide travel and taking classes with contemporary masters (Felo Garcia in Costa Rica, David Laffel in Santa Fe), allow Ewa an extensive visual approach to her paintings. Global cultures, styles and trends strongly influence her choices in theme. Ordinary shapes and colors are manipulated by Ewa’s expressive realism into breathtaking compositions. Her works are unique and compelling.