Ransley Gallery Veronique
Original Oil on Canvas 30 x 40 $3,150
RANSLEY Gallery Veronique
30x40 canvas oil original $3,150
RANSLEY Gallery Veronique
40x40 canvas oil original $3,750


Bob Ransley is a master of color. Color is his vocabulary.

​In the infinite world of color, he is always trying to create new shades and hues that no one has ever seen. Words are finite and limited in the ways they can be combined; the various combinations of colors are limitless. Therefore, color is an infinite vocabulary and boundless in its possibilities for creating something beautiful.

Bob’s use of color is also unexpected, if not downright daring. We all intuitively know that there has never been a lion with a red mane, horse with a blue flank, or a giraffe with a purple neck. Yet, when conceptualized in a Ransley painting, it’s not only acceptable, it’s very pleasing to the eye. It’s a great and special gift to be able to use color in this way. Rather than be controlled or constrained by color, he sets the paint free to satisfy us in unexpected ways! It leads to stunning and most pleasing results.

While best known as “America’s colorist”, Ransley is classically educated and trained as an artist—he even taught for a period of time. However, the call to canvas was too great. He gradually gravitated to full time painting.

Bob does gorgeous floral pieces and stunning still life images, but his animal paintings have gained such immense popularity that they now predominate his most current paintings. His work can be seen in America’s finest art galleries.