Riverin Gallery Veronique
Lac la tortue 20 x 24 Original $4,350
Riverin Gallery Veronique
Mauve Foliage 20x16 Original $3,100
Riverin Gallery Veronique
Les Bouleaus 32x32 Original $7,750
Riverin Gallery Veronique
Path to Creek 50x42 Original $12,000
Riverin Gallery Veronique
Yellow Foliage 16x20 Original $3,100
Riverin Gallery Veronique
Abstraction 36x36 Original $8,800

Richard Riverin

Richard Riverin was born in Quebec City, in 1942.

Graduated from Sherbrooke University with a BSc. Degree In Chemistry, he worked for ten years in the formulating of  
specialty coatings; started his own manufacture, half way through, and then sold it to move
to the Art business. Riverin is one of the few artists who developed their own personal and unique style and technique. He
even formulated his own paint to produce a very heavy and rich looking texture.

Riverin had numerous solo and group showings in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, Palm Beach, Naples, Washington, Chicago,
Jacksonville, Greensboro, Ridgewood and New York. He was one of
the bestsellers at ArtExpo New York, every year, from 2003 to 2012.

Riverin is also a writer and the author of the published three books saga “Ghama-2, An Afterlife Story” and numerous short

“In each one of my paintings, I launch my unbridled imagination. Hoping for the best, I paint with spontaneous and impulsive
strokes of my pallet-knife often ending in a much different composition than the one I had planned. I start at the top and as I
come down my canvas, the foliage, the sky, the trees are all done wet on wet so that the colored masses melt into each other.
There is a connection to a superior world and people connect with my paintings and that is why I have been blessed with a
successful career. The paint is unique, I make it, I am a chemist. There is a soft shine and a very rich looking and heavy
texture and the colors are at the image of my interior peace mixed with my love for the people around me and my exuberant
Richard Riverin