36x36 canvas framed $2,370
36x40 $2050
30x40 $2,050

Annie Rodrigue

Art as a tool of expression. I’m working an expressive and instinctive art. A liberating art, textured and vibrant where the movements are felt by the method of dripping. The paintings are created and transformed according to my emotion of the moment. My work expresses life and is inspired by the beauty of nature and landscapes.

Annie Rodrigue’s works of art are such of soft poetry where, in certain darker even sinister parts, surge words, letters, phrases from an dreamed up language, brushed on the canvas, suggesting an experience both literary and pictorial. Former art teacher, she now entirely dedicates herself to her career as a painter. Annie set forth expressive and original abstract contemporary works of arts which point out in a very special way her authenticity and creative impulse.

Expressive abstract dialogues

Annie Rodrigue is first and foremost an instinctive painter. Inspired by the beauty of the nature and the landscape, she uses the art of expressing her emotions on canvas and her colorful abstract poetic, dynamic and spontaneous. She combines shape and color with words and phrases which are all over the canvas, making each image an experience which is both visual and literary. The words are not designed to be read, but represent secrets and memories for Annie, who called her recent collection “Motus and Mouth Stuck” (my lips are sealed).

Painting has always been Annie’s chosen method of communication, offering her a means of liberating her ideas and sharing with others. Her beautifully balanced compositions may suggest a meandering river running through a landscape, or perhaps the ghost of a figure gesturing into the distance; Annie describes as a ‘volcano of emotions’.

Annie has been honing her technique for many years, based on exploring the possibilities of overlapping or washed paint. To give a sense of depth to the canvas she uses a variety of methods including drawings, printing with objects and scraping, which magnifies the depth of the canvas and suggests something secret, something left unsaid. Dripping is an important part of every piece too, as well as a signature.

Annie has a degree in visual arts and art history from Laval University in her home city of Quebec. She is the winner of the Council of Arts and Letters of Quebec and the Zenith Prize, and has been shown in galleries across the USA, Canada, France, Dubai, Thailand and Italy.

Artistic approach

“The works of Annie Rodrigue are such sweet poems where, in some darker parts, even sinister, words, letters, sentences of an invented language, scratched on the canvas, suggest an experiment to the both literary and pictorial “. Melanie Hanley

Former teacher in the arts, I now devote myself entirely to my career as an artist painter. I present abstract contemporary works, expressive and original that highlight in a special way my authenticity and my creative drive.
Painting was for me a way of evacuating what I could not say with words. I thus freed myself from certain inner agitations. And to create has become for me a way of life, a need. Art thus becomes liberating, especially through instinctive and expressive gestures.

The quality and originality of my work is improving day by day because of the confidence that the response of the public and galleries gives me. I allow myself new techniques, such as scraping that amplifies the depth of the canvas and suggests a secret, an unsaid. I also explore layering layers or washed paint to create a depth to the canvas. Backstage, washes, printing with objects, pencil-sketching are also preliminary research that quickly become the invoice of my work. On the other hand, I always have in mind the initial objective, to arouse a variety of feelings by the expression of my own emotions and this, by exploiting a balanced composition, amplified by the search for light and transparency.

Before expressing my emotions, I refined my technique over the years and I worked hard to develop my potential and discover a style that is my own. It is becoming easier for me to convey emotions in my works thanks to the movement, the depth and the choice of colors that I put on stage. They transform themselves to become in my image, colorful, spontaneous and dynamic.

I instinctively paint my works, letting go of my emotions, which thus become the driving force behind my expression and my spontaneity. I use dripping in my paintings to amplify this expressiveness, it even defines my work as a kind of signature. Dripping is also a way of structuring my spatial organization.
My work thus becomes a mythical and mysterious mise-en-scène and each work controls its space which becomes its world, its place. The rhythmic nuances that capture the light and depth evoked by the black areas give the impression that a dialogue is taking place between the viewer and the works he is watching. One might think of the meanders of a landscape, but it is only the unpremeditated interpretation of a figurative idea, which takes other forms in space. The gestures, the depth and the composition bring back to a volcano of emotions.

I will continue to explore this path, constantly seeking poetry, balance and sensations, by defining more and more my own pictorial language. I discover myself unceasingly through the essence of my paintings and I am surprised to improve both my personality and my technique.