Eduardo Romaguera

(Valencia, Spain, 1976)

2002, Master´s Degree in Fine Arts (Option : Painting) by Facultad de San Carlos de Valencia.

He is been awarded with several prestigious grants , one of the most important is “the Communities of Artistic Creation” of Mexican Government. His reflexive proposals have been seen in Argentina, Bolivia, France, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, Germany, U.S.A. and Spain. He participates with several investigation groups of European Universities. He supports the creation of Independent Contemporary Art Spaces. He is Co-Founder member of the Space “La Mutante”. Nowadays he coordinates the project “Container Inside” for the “Cultural City” of Galicia. He lives in Marseille, France.


IV FESTIVAL VIDEO POEMS BY LAND Fine Arts School  San Isidro, Event “Open Doors”, Argentina last April, 22 y 28,  Buenos Aires. Argentina


CIMAISE GALLERY. “Poems” 2012, Geneve. Switzerland.

ARCADE GALLERY. Documental Video construction of raft by Dalibor Popovic. October 2011- Marseille. France.

INSIDE – “Container INSIDE”. Cultural City. November 2011- Galicia. Spain.

ANDIAMO GALLERY, “Au seuil du rêve”. January 2012, Marseille, France.

LA MUNTANTE SPACE, October 2011. Room One: “Perfectly instantaneo” and Room Two: “Architectonic Structures ”. Valencia. Spain.

GALLERY “DISEÑO AL CUBO”, “Oú sont les bergers? Au seuil du rêve”.Noviembre 2011 , Valencia. Spain.

FESTIVAL INCUBARTE. Photography. June 2011-Valencia. Spain.

SPACE MENOSUNO – Project “Perfectly Instantaneous”. May 2011-Madrid. Spain

I WEEK OF Contemporary Art. Festival of Video Art, 2011, Mar de Plata, Argentina.

“The City limits” The intensity and the speed of the scenery transformations in these areas make it difficult to recognize the places we were used. This wish to solve the constant movement of the changing city creates the birth of new scenes.

The pieces mix the intuition and the spontaneity that reflects the fresh passion of its work. The cities “Eduardo Romaguera” get diluted in the contemporary transition time. It gives the feeling of exile. Sharing tears, blurred visions of the pictoric fluid profile of the cities and streets which get interweave. A pictoric writing that wakes the richness of our environment.