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Artists Statement

As an artist Romanovsky places a lot of emphasis on design. She sees beauty in the world and sets out to capture it through paintings that stress harmony between color and form.

I want to transform the beauty around me into shapes. I try to think of my work as a process of simplifying something huge into a manageable pattern. Through her art she attempts to create these patterns being careful not to tame the wilder energies of life.

Art should always have a little mystery in it. In her paintings a mysterious and intriguing ambience exists, reminiscent of something surrealistic leaving the viewer to find a simple meaning of life in each work.


When working on her paintings Romanovsky prefers to use traditional techniques, allowing her work to be enjoyed for her unusual subjects. For inspiration she draws freely from folk traditions and contemporary design concepts. The result is an original blend of the ancient and inexplicable.

The combination of gentle and delineated with wild, bold brushstrokes is further enhanced by etching into the work with the sharp edge of a wooden skewer. In love with art, Romanovsky often works late into the night, configuring designs and forms, only to bring them to life with color in the light of day.


Natalya Romanovsky grew up in Moldova, a country located between the Ukraine and Romania. As a child she knew she would be an artist, her talent was noticed by her teacher who told her mother, Give her brushes and paint and the child will know what to do.

Romanovsky has a constant childhood memory sometimes more like a dream, of a chance encounter that opened a door and let art into her life. It was a meeting with an old man, who had a reputation for being lost as a child and then found in a city far way. To Romanovsky it was as if the man, Jorg Jonkof, passed something to her and from that point on she was destined to be an artist.

Romanovsky studied at Chisinau Art College, earning a degree in graphic design. She enjoyed art school and entered her field upon graduation working for a popular magazine. At the same time she contributed to a series of childrens publications. However her heart was in painting, and despite a few shows around the city she became frustrated with the local art market.