Terri Dilling


I am inspired by the beauty and complexity of the natural world, making reference to the landscape around us, and also an emotional landscape within. I am interested in using gestural marks and color relationships to express a mood or feeling. I want to create a calming visual space that also has elements of energy and contrast. For me, this is a way to stay balanced.

My artistic lineage comes from Abstract Expressionism, especially its focus on conveying emotion with bold, spontaneous marks. I also relate to the softness of Impressionism, with lyrical landscapes full of color and light. I combine these things through my own visual vocabulary and give the work a contemporary context. My paintings are predominantly acrylic paint with additional drawing materials like charcoal and pigment crayon. As I paint intuitively, some elements get covered over while others are pulled forward, and the finished painting contains a rich, layered history.


Terri Dilling received a BA from Indiana University and a BFA from Georgia State University.  As the child of a German mother and an American father, she grew up loving culture and travel, leading her to attend art programs in England, South Africa, Spain and Italy. With an interest in science, she was awarded project grants to work with scientists from the Center for Chemical Evolution to learn about their research and create related exhibitions. All of these experiences continue to influence her art.

Terri has received numerous grants and awards, and has been featured in several professional publications, including Studio Visit Magazine and New American Paintings. She has exhibited both nationally and internationally, and her work is in collections around the world, including the Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia, the City of Atlanta, Fidelity Investments, UPS, Four Seasons Hotel Marrakech, Morocco and Conrad Hilton Hong Kong. She works with galleries and designers around the country.

Terri has served as board president of Atlanta Printmakers Studio, has devoted time to non-profits such as the Hambidge Center for the Arts and Burnaway, and organizes residencies for professional artists. Based in Atlanta, she lives with her husband Jon and her two dogs.