Velver Gallery Veronique



Pedro Velver (Spanish, b. 1970) considers his art a form of “abstract-realism”, that is to say simple abstract images are united with elements from the real world. He further explains this by saying his colors, shapes and materials flow freely without any pre-determined style while the image that has a form in reality (his female portraits, for example) is used as if it were a simple color or shapeless stain. The realistic image fills the abstract area and wanders with the brushstrokes until it finds a place to stop within the composition.

Velver was born in Murcia, Spain in 1970. He moved to Valencia after completing high school where he began studying at the prestigious University of San Carlos in order to receive a degree in fine art. At the beginning of his career, Velver did not stray away from classical imagery, finding great inspiration in artists such as Velasquez and Vermeer. His scenes began as luminous visions of children playing at the beach and eventually evolved into a more abstract style.