Vision on a Grand Scale – Digital Panoramic Landscapes Exhibit

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January 21, 2013
The Great Surrealists…Then and Now.
April 25, 2013
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Vision on a Grand Scale – Digital Panoramic Landscapes Exhibit

March 1st – 31st

Digital Panoramic Landscapes
Up to 1 1 Feet Wide
The Worlds Highest Resolution

Vision sometimes demands innovation. Osborn seeks to create the most beautiful prints possible — and on a larger scale than has been attempted. Consequently, he partnered with a company that provided the outstanding tool he needed. The Seitz 6×17 Digital Panoramic Camera takes the world’s highest-resolution image, almost one Gigabyte for each individual photograph. It became Osborn’s tool of choice – and it’s never been used to
better effect. (Prints are released in a Limited Edition of 45)


Born 1961. London, England. Acquired a First Class BA (Honors) in Graphic Design, London. before working for Reuters as a photographer. Worked in Asia for nine months. Opened a studio in Sydney, Australia and provided work for annual reports for Fortune 500 companies. Returned to London and began a decades-long career as a landscape
photographer of the highest calibre. Osborn has a set of photographs in the archives of the Royal Collection of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.