Whitfield-Warner Gallery Veronique
Whitfield-Warner Gallery Veronique
Whitfield Gallery Veronique

Warner Whitfield

Our designs are influenced by diving in the shallow clear waters of Florida and the Caribbean. Combined with our dance instructing careers many of our designs and compositions, particularly those involving the Latticino technique, are reminiscent in feeling of underwater coral reefs and the rhythm of the dance.

Warner Whitfield began working in glass in 1972 and apprenticed with master glass artist Fritz Bachman from Hamburg, Germany and established the glass studio in 1976. Beatriz Kelemen began working in glass in 1984 in Venezuela under her father’s Frank Kelemen tutoring, well known for his work in stained glass. She has a bachelors degree in Architecture an a Masters in Project Management from Cal Poly University, CA.

Whitfield and Kelemen’s work are shown in many galleries and have won numerous awards at juried exhibitions throughout the United States. Some collectors and commissions include: Pittsburg Plate Glass, United Technologies, The Japanese Embassy, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Bergstrom-Mahler Museum, Martha Stewart, Stephen Kind, Whoopi Goldberg, Arnold Schwarzenegger, King of Jordan and Premier of Newfoundland Danny Williams, also featured in Better Homes and Gardens magazine