Why Buying Your Art from a Gallery is Preferred

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October 7, 2020
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December 7, 2020
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Why Buying Your Art from a Gallery is Preferred

Art has thrived in the Queen City for over two hundred years.  Today that muse still speaks and it is easy to immerse oneself in it in Cincinnati.  One can go to the Taft Museum for a traditional view or go to the Contemporary Arts Center for something more cutting edge.  However, when one wants to find a centerpiece to shape a room around or to just desires to add an accent piece, that is much more difficult than just browsing through the Audubon collections that exist throughout town. Don’t make that decision alone. Visit Gallery Veronique for the perfect piece:

Gallery Veronique offers:

  • 25 years’ experience finding the right artists for the Cincinnati clientele. You will not find something too edgy or too traditional. Veronique has already refined the search for you.
  • A very large inventory of different artists. Some are more contemporary than others gives a large choice of styles.
  • Veronique will never push you towards a particular artist. She has no preference; she wants you to be perfectly happy.
  • Veronique is the bridge between the client and the artist, so that if you want something custom, she can be the perfect facilitator to make it happen. No need to feel embarrassed if you don’t like the direction of the project, as Veronique will make sure the artist understands the client’s needs.
  • Veronique allows and encourages you to try the Art in your home. No surprises, buy it only if you love it!
  • If you feel overwhelmed, Veronique will come to your home with the Art, so we can review it together.
  • The gallery offers custom framing for a perfect fit between your style and the painting.
  • Veronique has a long list of artists she has worked with over the years, so if you are looking for something that she does not have at the moment, she can find it from her previous artists.


Sit on your settee or relax in your recliner.  Look at that wall with the painting well past its prime.


You know you want a change but don’t know what to put there.  Come see Veronique and she will find the very piece for your peace of mind.