Yust Gallery Veronique
Yust Gallery Veronique




  • All wall hanging & free standing sculptures are fabricated from aluminum, stainless steel, bronze, brass and copper from the material forms of sheet, plate, tube or wrought
  • Material alloys are hand selected to ensure environmental friendliness as well as robust application for both indoor and outdoor placement
  • Mixed materials such as plexiglas are used in the creation of unique designs


  • I personally hand-deliver all of my signature grind patterns and artistic designs to the metal such that each sculpture is unique
  • Heavy to light decorative grinds used, depending on the sculpture
  • Grinds patterns are made to utilize the reflection of light; I offer advice on sculpture placement and lighting for optimal visual aesthetics


  • Professional grade cutting equipment such as nibblers, shears and CNC laser/plasma cutters are used to make precise intricate curves and general linear cuts
  • Panels can be ordered in virtually any size to meet the specifications of your custom order


  • Preparation step for painting or finishing that gives sculptures a quality look

Painting | colored sculptures

  • Sculptures are colored by an atomized acrylic spray process which I personally developed
  • The technique results in a vibrant, stunning color portrayal that you find on advanced modern metal art
  • Coloring is designed to allow grind patterns to show through the pigment with the same clarity and reflection of light found in my natural metal sculptures
  • Color is underlaid with a transparent protective primer base coat
  • All coatings are applicable for indoor and outdoor placement


  • UV resistant indoor/outdoor clear coat overlaid on color or pure metal: aluminum oxide on aluminum; chromium oxide on stainless steel and copper
  • Provides environmental protection against corrosion and adds brilliant reflection to the sculpture
  • This protective coating is the same finish used on Lexus automobiles, allowing me to confidently guarantee the finish and metallic shine of your sculpture

Digital printing

  • Sculptures containing digital art prints are only for indoor applications